Five Stars

"I recently hired Mr. Provinziano to handle my child custody case. I had interviewed 3 lawyers prior to finding him and the others just did not have what I was looking for or the complete package that I wanted in someone to represent me. I had lost hope thinking I was not going to find a good lawyer in time only having less than 2 weeks til my court date but I came onto the AVVO website and saw his outstanding ratings and called him right away. He is very professional, caring and understood my case. I felt very secure handing him over my case. I did not want to lose my newborn child and I needed a lawyer to really be firm and have the integrity to get the best results and turn around previous orders. My court date was November 19, 2013. Mr. Provinziano along with another lawyer Megan Grim in his law firm both worked as a great team. Mr. Provinziano did an amazing job and I am so happy with my results. He asked for all my requests regarding visitation for the father, drug testing and custody. He knew what to say and by memory like he had known my case for a long time, which he only had less than two weeks to prepare. His fees were very reasonable and better than the prices other lawyers were asking. I would definetly recommend Mr. Provinziano. A big thank you to Mr. Provinziano and Megan for all their help and effort in my case. I will continue to work with them regarding my case in the future."