Five Stars

"I am a client of Atty. Alphonse F. Provinziano. He represented me during my son's custody case in 2013. Being a father and unmarried to the child's mother, it is a challenge to have rights even when I have my son's custody for the longest time and have been looking after his best interest. I have had threats from the mother to take my son away and also asked for child support even when the child has been residing with me. An ex parte hearing was requested by the mother and the judge gave the mother sole custody. The mother has used unfounded claims. Still, the court favored the mother by default. Atty. Alphonse won my case in gaining back custody and care for my son. He has been great with focusing on my strengths as a father. He encouraged honesty, and being truthful with my statements. There was no need to be too aggressive bringing up ugly truths towards the other party since what is being sought is order. His vast knowledge and experience played a great role in winning my case. After some time and even with the custody order in place, I have had struggles with the other party's aggression. Atty. Alphonse effectively provided his objective and honest advice on the situation. He eventually handled my child support hearing in 2014 from which the mother is the one paying her share. Atty. Alphonse is respectful and tactful when dealing with his clients. His wisdom and knowledge on family court is exceptional. I will always be grateful to all that he has done for my family. Thank you again Atty. Alphonse!"