“Mr. Provinziano and his team have been amazing during this nightmare!”
– Gianpaolo, Child Custody & Child Support CLIENT

Five Stars

To keep this Brief I have been getting dragged through the Family Court System for 5 years! For Every step forward or battle I won there was 2 taken back. Most recently my X Wife and her Attorney used COVID to gain temporary orders and then tried to move my son 65 miles away. We share Physical and Legal Custody. Her move would essentially remove most of my custodial time with my son. They manipulated the system and were going to get away with it like always. Especially since the courts are backed up until November due to the Pandemic.

Desperate and Defeated I needed to retain Counsel. And a Phenomenal one at that due to the Uphill battle that loomed ahead! I was Fortunate enough to be referred to Mr. Provinziano by a colleague. Mr. Provinziano and his team have been amazing during this nightmare! His professionalism and knowledge of the law are second to none! He won my case, prevented them from moving away with my boy and helped secure my custody! This is just the first step in a war thats to come. Al is passionate about his job and keeping families together! He fought hard for me throughout our grueling trial which dragged on and on. He was relentless and I know Al will help me win full custody of my Boy! I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a great attorney! I have learned the hard way, you simply can’t afford to not have one! Mr. Provinziano and his entire team are worth every penny! Thanks 🙏🏽 So Much Al!