J.D. Paralegal

Andie originally comes from Chicago, Illinois, but left the great white north to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Music Industry Studies from Loyola University New Orleans. After graduating in 2018, Andie made another move to Los Angeles to attend Loyola Law School. After her first year in law school, Andie joined the Provinziano & Associates team, and she found not only an incredible firm full of supportive mentors, but a relentless passion for the area of family law.

After discovering that passion, Andie was able to shift her focus and to expand her skills throughout law school. In 2019, Andie participated in the Street Law Teaching Practicum, which sends law students into transitional housing shelters for survivors of domestic violence to teach classes for the residents on practical legal life skills that they will need as they establish their fresh start. Andie was also selected to compete in the International Chamber of Commerce Commercial Mediation Competition, which takes place in Paris, France each February. The following year, she was given the opportunity to coach the commercial mediation team herself, which immensely deepened her understanding of alternative dispute resolution and how valuable it can be to the resolution of a case.

However, the most important opportunity Andie took advantage of was being able to continue working with Provinziano & Associates throughout the entirety her time in law school. On a daily basis, she saw the importance of a firm that represents its clients zealously, but also with immense compassion. Andie is excited to continue working with Provinziano & Associates after completing the bar exam this year, and looks forward to carrying on those principals as a new associate attorney, upon licensing.

In her spare time, Andie enjoys traveling abroad, trying new restaurants, and of course, catching a Chicago Cubs game.