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Marriage of Davenport

ISSUE: Husband locked wife out of house, changed names on all business accounts, fled the country and was running business from outside the U.S.

RESULT: After hiring Provinziano & Associates wife was awarded the business, the bank accounts, and the right to operate the business. Husband was excluded from any operation of business, and writ of execution allowed sheriffs to go to his house and seize the property that was withheld from wife.

Marriage of Alvarez

ISSUE: Husband never gave wife accounting of business, kept property in his name and control over the business. Wife had no money and no ability to support herself.

RESULT: After hiring Provinziano & Associates a business evaluation was ordered and wife was awarded half of business.

Marriage of Herrera

ISSUE: Husband was set to receive a large lawsuit settlement for lost and replacement wages and was not going to give any money to wife.

RESULT: Within 72 hours of hiring Provinziano & Associates, court ordered that all proceeds from lawsuit go to Provinziano & Associates trust account to be equitably distributed by the court.

Marriage of Cohen

ISSUE: Registered Domestic Partners went through divorce where one partner had paid a sizeable amount of money to the other partner to establish her in her business, when it failed. Registered Domestic Partner hired Provinziano & Associates to prevent other partner from taking her stock and retirement accounts after already draining her money to buy the failing business.

RESULT: After extensive discovery and settlement negotiations, Provinziano & Associates successfully settled the case allowing the client to keep all of her stocks and retirement.


*Party names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. Case results are not a guarantee as to the outcome of a case.