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Navigating family law matters is complex enough, but when multiple countries, jurisdictions, and legal systems are involved, it becomes exponentially more complicated. Our law firm specializes in international family law, providing experienced guidance and legal representation to families facing cross-border issues. We understand the unique challenges of foreign asset division, differing country laws, treaty obligations, and other factors that influence international cases.

If you’re in need of experienced representation in an international family law case, call us at (310) 820-3500.

Due to the significant time and dedicated analysis required, consultations for family law appeals are paid consultations. This ensures you receive a comprehensive session with an experienced attorney, a detailed discussion of the legal factors in your case, and a personalized roadmap for moving forward.

Major Areas of International Family Law

  • International Divorce: This covers the legal dissolution of a marriage where the spouses hold citizenship in different countries, have assets in multiple jurisdictions, or where the marriage was performed outside the country of residence. International divorce proceedings can involve complex issues with determining jurisdiction, division of foreign assets, and spousal support.

  • International Custody: These cases involve child custody arrangements when parents live in different countries or there’s a risk of the child being moved internationally. International custody cases often navigate complicated jurisdictional matters and are guided by treaties like the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

  • International Child Support: This area focuses on enforcing child support orders across borders. International treaties streamline the process for custodial parents to collect or enforce child support payments from a parent living in a different country.

  • International Relocation: When one parent desires to relocate with a child to another country, this area of law governs the potential legal ramifications. Courts generally analyze these cases for the best interests of the child, and international treaties can come into effect if there are concerns about one parent potentially relocating without consent.

  • International Spousal Support: Spousal support (sometimes called alimony) can be complicated when ex-spouses live in different countries. Factors like differing income levels, laws of each country, and currency exchange rates require specialized legal knowledge to establish and enforce fair support orders.

  • International Property Division: Married couples often accumulate assets across multiple countries. International property division determines how these assets will be divided during a divorce proceeding, ensuring compliance with the property laws of each jurisdiction.

International family law cases require an attorney well-versed in both family law and the complexities of international legal systems. If you are facing a divorce, custody battle, or any other family-related matter with an international component, don’t navigate it alone. Schedule your case evaluation today to discuss how we can protect your rights and the best interests of your family.

How Provinziano & Associates can Help You in Your International Family Law Case

With years of experience, Provinziano & Associates is a highly regarded family law firm in Los Angeles. Our team of dedicated attorneys specializes in handling complex family law cases including international family law. We offer personalized guidance and support throughout the entire process, leveraging our experience along with patience and empathy..

Advocating for our clients’ rights, we strive to ensure a favorable outcome that prioritizes our clients. Call us today at 310-820-3500 or schedule a case evaluation to discuss your case and explore your legal options .

Frequently Asked Questions

My spouse and I are from different countries and want to get a divorce. Where do we file?

Determining the correct jurisdiction for filing an international divorce is complex. It depends on factors like where you currently reside, where the marriage took place, and if you have assets in multiple countries. An experienced international family law attorney can assess your situation and advise on the best place to file.

My child's other parent lives abroad and has stopped paying child support. What can I do?

There are international treaties designed to help you collect child support across borders. Your attorney can assess if your situation is covered by one of these treaties and guide you through the process of filing and enforcing a foreign child support order.

My ex-spouse is threatening to take our child to their home country. Can they do that?

The possibility of a parent taking a child out of the country without permission raises serious concerns. International custody laws and treaties like the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction may come into play. It’s crucial to seek immediate legal advice to discuss preventative measures or pursue legal action if the child has already been taken.

I'm getting married to someone from another country. Should we have a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements can be particularly important in international marriages. It’s advisable to have an attorney experienced in international law review or draft your prenup to ensure it will be upheld in both your spouse’s country and your own.

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