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Three Issues Facing LGBTQ+ Community in California Family Law (8/29/2023)

Veteran California family lawyer Alphonse Provinziano outlines how LGBTQ+ families face specific issues in divorce and child custody cases, even in a state like California which has progressive family laws, often serving as a model for other states nationwide. ... read more

Longtime California Family Lawyer Says ‘Parental Alienation’ Laws Under Increased Scrutiny in Light of Recent Cases (8/2/2023)

California family lawyer Alphonse Provinziano says lawmakers and judges are revisiting the controversial psychological theory of “parental alienation” amid high-profile cases that involve claims of abuse. The notion holds that a parent can influence children to ... read more

Provinziano & Associates Offers Tailored Legal Advice for LGBTQ+ Couples in California (7/19/2023)

Provinziano & Associates is offering legal advice tailored to the needs of LGBTQ+ couples in California. The firm added a new section to its website detailing its work on more than 100 cases with LGBTQ+ families over the past decade and outlining some of the unique read more

Los Angeles Family Law Attorney Says Kevin Costner’s Divorce Shows Common Problem With Disputes Over Who Gets the House (6/15/2023)

A legal dispute between actor Kevin Costner and his estranged wife over the family house shows a common problem that arises in divorce cases, according to longtime family law attorney Alphonse Provinziano. In court filings, Costner alleges that his wife, Christine ... read more

Bill to Cut California Divorce Costs Faces Key Senate Committee (3/30/2023)

A proposed bill in the California state legislature that would dramatically reduce divorce costs faces a vote from key committee, as attorneys and others have called for reform, said longtime family law attorney Alphonse Provinziano. Proposed by state Sen. Susan read more

New California Law Offers Relief to Victims of Domestic Violence From Financial Abuse (3/22/2023)

Victims of domestic violence and financial abuse will now be able to escape from debt racked up in their name by their abusers under a new California law, Senate Bill 975, said longtime family law attorney Alphonse Provinziano. Research shows that financial abuse ... read more

California Family Lawyer Alphonse Provinziano Wins Challenge Over Legal Fees From Heavy Metal Musician (2/28/2023)

California appeals judge ruled in favor of longtime family law attorney Alphonse Provinziano after heavy metal singer-songwriter Tommy Vext attempted to overturn a court order that he pay his ex-girlfriend’s legal fees. In a case closely followed in metal ... read more

How the Los Angeles Police Department’s Failure to Enforce Custody Agreements Hurts Families (1/10/2023)

According to longtime family law attorney Alphonse Provinziano, the Los Angeles Police Department regularly fails to enforce custody agreements, forcing parents involved in disputes to spend extra time and money getting a court order, a problem he says isn’t being ... read more