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The references and reproductions of California statutory law and records are based on the website: leginfo.legislature.ca.gov, wherein the most current versions of California statutory law are posted by the California Legislature. It is reproduced due to California law which asserts no copyright over the law, as stated from their website:

“Pursuant to Section 10248.5 of the Government Code, the information described in subdivision (a) of Section 10248 of the Government Code and made available on this Web site is within the public domain and the State of California retains no copyright or other proprietary interest in the information.”

P & A does not assert any copyright only to the information reproduced from leginfo.legislature.ca.gov, but retains all other copyrights to its website to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Since the law changes regularly based on emergency legislation and other new laws go into effect on January 1st of every year, it is important to check back with leginfo.legislature.ca.gov to ensure the law referenced herein is the most up to date law and controlling law. The records provided on this website are for informational value only and not controlling and only serve as illustrations of general legal principles and should not be relied upon in providing any actual legal services, legal advice, nor argument before any legal tribunal or court.

The general statement from P & A website applies to all records posted on this website, as restated and fully incorporated herein:

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