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When you’re going through a divorce, your main concern is your children – and you probably already know that you’ll have to develop parenting schedules between you and your ex to ensure that they get plenty of time with both of you. You could benefit from using a parenting plan template (there’s one below) to make sure you’re covering all your bases when you’re working through child custody issues.

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If your court-ordered spousal support is not paid, is there anything you can do about it? Fortunately, yes – there are legal remedies, and the court can enforce your order. Here’s what you need to know.

During your divorce, you’ll hear all kinds of legal terms – and one you might need to familiarize yourself with is ex parte. Ex parte is a Latin term that means “for one party,” and it refers to motions, hearings or orders that judges grant at the request of only one party.

Setting up child custody schedules can be difficult for divorcing parents - but creating a parenting plan is essential. Here's what you need to know.

Ex Parte Emergency Child Custody

The experience at an ex parte child custody hearing varies greatly from county to county in California, and even from courtroom to courtroom in the same county. The courts’ approaches fall generally into two formats of how to handle an ex parte emergency child custody matter

3 Things A Parent Needs to Know when the other parent dies

The unfortunate passing of one parent of a minor child is always an occasion for deep sadness and profound loss. As a parent is the main support for a child both emotionally and financially, it can be devastating to the child to lose such a significant person in their life. Here are the 3 main things that you need to know:

A new development in family law this last year is the introduction of Family Code section 3040, signed into law by SB 274. This new law states that a child in California can legally have three parents. Child custody cases may now have to include orders for three parents making the process of defining custody even more complicated.