Guardianship Litigation

At Provinziano & Associates, we understand the complexities and sensitivities of guardianship cases. Our experienced family law attorneys are dedicated to serving the greater Los Angeles area, helping over 2,000 clients navigate various legal issues, including guardianship matters.
As a trusted family law firm, we provide comprehensive guardianship services covering the most popular types of guardianship, such as:
  1. Temporary Guardianships
  2. Permanent Guardianships
  3. Guardianships of the Persons
  4. Co-Guardianships


Understanding the Guardianship Process

The process of obtaining guardianship can be complicated and lengthy. At Provinziano & Associates, our experienced attorneys guide clients through each step of the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey from start to finish.

Navigating Complex Guardianship Issues

Guardianship cases can present unique challenges, and our skilled attorneys at Provinziano & Associates are prepared to tackle even the most complicated situations. Some common challenges in guardianship cases include disputes between family members or interested parties, ensuring the proposed guardian meets the legal qualifications, addressing concerns about the child’s best interests, and complying with court procedures and timelines. Our attorneys help clients navigate these issues and manage ongoing reporting and supervision requirements.

Guardianship Responsibilities and Powers

A guardian assumes many of the responsibilities and powers of a parent in order to protect and provide for the child. As a family law attorney, we can help you understand the extent of these powers, which may include:
  • Making decisions about the child’s education and medical care
  • Providing for the child’s physical, emotional, and financial needs
  • Managing the child’s assets and property
  • Deciding where the child will live
  • Ensuring the child’s safety and well-being

Parental Rights and Guardianship

When someone else is granted guardianship, the parent may still retain some rights and responsibilities. A family law attorney can help you understand these rights, which may include the right to visitation as determined by the court, the right to petition the court to end or modify the guardianship, the responsibility to financially support the child, and the right to be involved in major decisions affecting the child as determined by the court.

De Facto Parents and Unfit Parents: Legal Distinctions

De facto parents and unfit parents are distinct legal concepts that can impact guardianship cases. De facto parents are individuals who have acted as a parent, providing care and support for the child, even though they are not the child’s biological or adoptive parent. In some cases, de facto parents may have legal standing to seek guardianship or visitation rights. A family law attorney can help you understand your rights as a de facto parent and guide you through the process.
On the other hand, unfit parents have been found by the court to be unable or unwilling to provide for their child’s basic needs, resulting in potential harm. Unfit parents may lose custody or have their parental rights restricted or terminated. Our experienced attorneys can help you understand the legal distinctions and navigate the complexities of these situations.

The Secret to Our Success

It’s important to understand that guardianship is a form of custody litigation in probate court. Our deep understanding of child custody cases provides a unique insight that helps our clients achieve successful outcomes. Historically, we have had a success rate of 99.95% over the last 19 years spanning approximately 200 guardianship cases. (Past case results and client reviews are atypical. The information on this website does not constitute a guarantee as to a result.)

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Alphonse’s compassion and commitment to my case surpassed my expectations.

As I was looking for an attorney to represent me in obtaining permanent guardianship of my grandsons, God lead me to the office of Alphonse Provinziano! Alphonse’s compassion and commitment to my case surpassed my expectations . On Christmas Day I had ran into an issue and Alphonse took the time to personally call me back. As we spoke, he reassured me that all would be fine. Alphonse Provinziano has a wonderful team of professionals working by his side. June, Alexis, and Kaiko. And although, these legal situations are extremely stressful, Alphonse and his team made the process less stressful. His expertise in family matters is key to a successful outcome. I highly recommend him.



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