Associate Attorney

Melody Magtoto

Mathilde Dugué earned her law degree in business law and an MBA before passing the French Bar exam. After gaining experience at a “big law” firm and the Ministry of Justice in Paris, Mathilde got an LL.M. from UCLA School of Law. Early in her career, Mathilde realized that she didn’t just want to be a lawyer but she also wanted to make an impact. “As a family law attorney, she gets to help and support people who are often experiencing the most difficult times of their lives”. Her favorite thing about litigation is the strategy. “It’s intellectually stimulating to design the strategy, anticipate the opposing party’s moves, and remain agile throughout the overall process in order to reach my clients’ goals. It’s a chess game, with an amazing reward at the end”. Fond of the ocean, she often heads to Manhattan Beach on the weekends for a roller-skating session or practice yoga.