Five Stars

"Al and Maria handled my divorce perfectly. The entire office is streamlined and professional – yet caring. I hired Al in January and was divorced in April. My case wasn’t a big money case but it was complicated by my ex filing for bankruptcy during our separation. Ultimately his bankruptcy delayed my life for over a year. I was forced to file an adversary action against my ex as a creditor to enforce our separation agreement and hold him reasonable for all domestic obligations – because of course he stopped complying with our agreement and visitation literally on the day he filed for bankruptcy. He moved to a lower paying job and basically transformed into a deadbeat dad on the day of filing. After I secured a judgment in bankruptcy court (which took 6 months) against my ex I researched lawyers for months till I found Al. He was the only family law lawyer who seemed to actually understand my case and knew exactly how to handle it. I only had to explain myself once and he knew exactly how to handle my case – and he did exactly what he told me he would do. He was aggressive and firm. Maria worked on all my paperwork under Al’s guidance. She was great. She is very bright and knew what she was doing. She would call me with questions and really understood my position and attitude. My goal was not fueled by revenge or bitterness – she understood that. I just wanted to be divorced and get whatever I was owed. Period. And I wanted my ex to attend counseling (he started acting very bizarre in front of the kids which was not shocking to Al or Maria as I guess that is normal for some people) and see his kids in healthy settings. With both of them together I felt so comfortable about my case. Every single call or e-mail was answered promptly. All my forms were filed correctly and on time. Opposing counsel did not seem nearly as organized or confident. Al and Maria got me more than what I wanted. Not just that but they correctly predicted the actions of the judge and opposing counsel which ultimately played in my favor and saved everyone time and money. They cut right to the point , avoided all the delays my ex tried to extend, and literally did not leave court until I was divorced, happy and finally had an enforceable judgment. Literally both Maria and al came to court for my first and only time. We stayed all day from 8-3:30pm negotiating to get exactly what I needed. Al and Maria asked for and got me and my children what we needed to live and survive this. They were very aggressive and sought out only the best for us – things that I did not even think of. Even when I would say just forget it – or offered to give in Al would not let me. In four months of preparation and one day in court my 2 year drawn-out divorce was finally done. My ex literally avoided all responsibility and purposely delayed our divorce – he tried anything to not support his kids or attend counseling with them to re-establish a relationship. I left court with a judgment enforcing my bankruptcy judgment that my ex acted like was unenforceable. Al made OC see exactly how the law was on my side and I was entitled to all back support and domestic obligations. We were even able to get counseling ordered for the benefit of my children that my ex must attend. He organized a very responsible visitation plan. Al never once faltered or wavered to just go to court and let the judge order all back monies when OC tried to make me negotiate items that were already settled in the bankruptcy judgment. I tried to be organized and concise in all communications and that helped all of us with organization. I kept my communication brief and gave detailed typed notes. If you’re looking to save money that is what you should do – BUT don’t hire a “cheaper” lawyer. I knew I could call or email every day if I wanted – but of course I did not. The billing was very fair and I feel I got more than I paid for. I am literally able to breathe again thanks to Al and Maria. They literally saved my life."