Five Stars

"In December of 2015 my wife and I separated, I spent weeks looking for a lawyer that could handle my difficult case. I had CPS involved, I had a wife with a mental health disorder, and had no idea what to expect, unfortunately, I chose the wrong lawyer first. My first lawyer took a messy hard case and made it way worse. In January of 2016 I began the search for a new lawyer, I found Mr. Provinziano on Forbs Magazine Website under "Best Lawyer for Family Law" I was skeptical after my first lawyer made my situation worse, I contacted Mr. Provinziano's office and found that Maria and Mr. Provinziano both had confidence that they could change the tide of my case.

Some backstory up to this point, the judge did not like me, my previous lawyer painted this picture for him that I had no grounds for a domestic violence restraining order. My first lawyer started to side with my wife mid-way through the case, he refused to show some of the evidence and told me that the medical records were impossible to obtain. The judge only approved a temporary restraining order due to the threats on my life and our children, which CPS had made it clear to me that if the restraining order was lifted they would be back in my life. The Judge made it clear that he was not going to approve it after the 3 months had expired.

Once Mr. Provinziano took care of all the major headaches that came up such as supervisors quitting, harassment over money and many other hurdles. We got to the court day and Mr. Provinziano was so calm, it made me nervous how calm he was. He had every question and potential answer thought out. Mr. Provinziano and his team did the impossible and got even the medical records of my wife. Mr. Provinziano was given reports from family members doing the supervised visitations observing behavior as well as paid supervisors that gave Mr. Provinziano and his team enough evidence to prove my case."