Five Stars

"I'm a very grateful client of Mr. Provinziano. He's my forth attorney I hired over a period of seven years, after being broken down emotionally and financially by my previous attorneys through the legal system. I had a very complicated and difficult case which eventually ended in a five day court trial. Mr. Provinziano was able to get a judgement in my favor showing that my ex- husband breached his fiduciary duty resulting in a verdict on my behalf of 100% of the house and my retirement in the amount of more than 700.000. Mr. Provinziano is extremely compassionate at what he does, focused, respectful and delivers a winning strategy Brilliantly! He always came to court prepared with a big, infectious smile on his face, made me always feel my voice was important, we were a team. He's an attorney that knows the law and how to execute it. I'm very fond of Mr. Provinziano and feel very blessed that I hired him. He's restored my faith in our legal system."