Five Stars

"Upon receiving court paperwork in an extremely short notice, we contacted Mr. Provinziano for his professional experience and legal opinion. After speaking with him and feeling extremely confident that we had found someone who truly had our best interest at heart we decided to acquire his services. Note this was on a Friday evening and our court hearing was only three weeks away, with that said Mr. Provinzianzo worked very diligently through the weekend keeping us informed and in contact via text, emails and phone. The following weeks after we initially hired his services Mr. Provinziano and his associates provided us with excellent customer service by timely responding to all of our phone calls, e-mails, etc. We were extremely happy with knowing we could contact our attorney via text messages and phone calls which he would answer right away. The day before our court hearing we were contacted by Mr. Provinziano's associate and were briefed of what was to come the next morning in court. We were extremely nervous for this court hearing but after speaking to Mr. Provinziano's associate we felt completely relieved and at ease. Just having that peace of mind for such a life changing event the day before was completely heart warming. In our court hearing they were able to get the other side's case dismissed, which gave us a superior bargaining position. We were then able to have the upper hand and negotiate an amicable agreement with the other party. Mr. Provinziano was able to accomplish a difficult task in our case, in such a short time frame. we are so pleased with the services we received from Mr. Provinziano and his associates that we highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of an excellent legal team to work for them and have their best interest at hand. We are living proof of his excellent and professional services that is backed by his many years of legal experience, as we were able to get a successful outcome in our case."