Against Child Support



Defending Against Child Support

When clients need to defend against an increase in child support, there are multiple avenues we use to effectively reach the accurate determination of appropriate child support. These avenues include determining the overall income of the other parent seeking the support- this can often be non-monetary in nature, but could be viewed as income by the court. The other parent may be receiving aid from a church or free housing from a parent, which may not be reflected in their court paperwork.

The court is legally required to look at income derived from all sources when making a decision on child support, but alternative forms of income are often overlooked. Additionally the parent seeking support may be unemployed or underemployed when they have the physical ability to work. If the appropriate legal requirements are met, the court may be able to force a parent to search for work or attribute income to a parent for their failure to work.

Each child support dispute is unique and requires an equally unique strategy. At Provinzinao & Associates we develop that unique strategy by using all permissible legal methods to make sure our client is only paying the correct support figure - and not grossly overpaying support.