Grandparent Visitation

At Provinziano & Associates, we believe that grandparents play an integral role in the lives of their grandchildren and we believe those rights should be protected. However, for many grandparents in need of visitation, the court process can often seem like an uphill battle that is both difficult and discouraging.

From our years of experience, we know that the ability for grandparents to seek visitation is a very fact-specific matter to the court. The court will look at the unique circumstances surrounding the matter before making a ruling such as the relationship of the grandparent to the child, whether the child's parents are deceased or living if there is a guardianship in effect, and whether or not the child is a ward of the court already.

For grandparents, it all comes down to the facts and how those facts are presented to the court. The Provinziano Legal Team is extremely skilled when it comes to seeking grandparent rights and is particularly effective in presenting the facts of the case to the court in the most clear, concise, and persuasive manner possible securing successful settlements and win and win for our clients in these cases.

In past cases, The Provinziano Legal Team has been able to secure the right for grandparents to exercise custody while their child is away on military duty, has secured formal grandparent visitation rights (including phone and in-person), and has obtained guardianships including contested guardianships for grandparents that have assumed to the role of parent due to a death of a child or serious abuse by a parent.

To download a copy of our A-Z Guide on Everything You Need to Know About Seeking Grandparent's Litigation, click HERE.

We also provide representation for Guardianship Litigation, cases where you might be looking to obtain legal custody of a child because their parents are unable to provide care or you've been providing care for an extended period of time (where the law would consider you to be a de facto parent). To learn more, please see our Guardianship Litigation section.