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Who We Are

At Provinziano & Associates we believe our work is about much more than just numbers and dollars. Our work is about people and relationships. In our field of law, we often meet clients at some of the worst, and scariest times of their lives. They may be fearing the loss of time with their children and the threat of financial insecurity, they may be under an attack or worried about the well-being of their children, and every client is under a great amount of stress.

Our mission is to help people through these troubled times, to come alongside you and take over the stressful burden, to manage the details you don’t have time to think about, and to fight aggressively to protect your best interests.

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VIDEO: Defending Child Support



When clients need to defend against an increase in child support, there are multiple avenues we use to effectively reach the accurate determination of appropriate child support. We work with our clients to better determine if the other parent is potentially receiving non-monetary income, and look for new opportunities to protect our clients and their families.

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VIDEO: Divorce



Divorce is not only emotionally difficult but can often wreak havoc on an individual’s financial and physical well-being. Potential losses include parents losing time with their children, a drop in income either due to support payments or the loss of a spouse’s income, and the potential loss of any property accumulated during marriage.

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VIDEO: Child Custody



When going through a divorce, child custody can be a daunting process as it involves the most important people in your life – your children. In most cases both parents will have legal rights to their children, but there is often a dispute as to how those rights and custody should be allocated.

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What Our Clients Say

Mr. Provinziano and his team did the impossible

Hiring Provinziano & Associates was the smartest thing I ever did. They did an amazing job and never gave up – I now have full custody of my children and a better life. Don’t think twice if you need a strong, and intelligent attorney to fight for you!


Divorce & domestic violence restraining order client

Al will pull you out of the drama and restore the calm

My husband and I hired Al Provinziano originally to handle a restraining order against my husband’s ex-wife. We just wanted some peace in our lives and to escape the chaos. This case turned into a child custody war along with all kinds of crazy accusations….


Child custody & domestic violence restraining order clients

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